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Not only are Bonfire costumes an important part of how we keep Sussex Bonfire tradition alive, but they also give us a good reason to dress up. And we do love dressing up!

You'll recognise Northiam Bonfire Society by our colours;  purple, black and white, as well as our theme of highwaymen/women.

Our costumes consist of black trousers or skirt, white purple or black shirt, tricorn or top hat and purple accessories.  The outfit is usually completed with black coat or cape and black eye-mask (cloth or paint).

Anyone wanting to march should be in Northiam Bonfire costume. It's a way for spectators and other Societies to recognise us, and gives us a sense of identity, unique to Northiam.

We're proud of our costume, and we even won a trophy from our friends at Rotherfield & Mark Cross Bonfire for 'Best Dressed' society!

Scroll through images to see some of us in our Highwayman and Highwaywoman finery!

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